Labour Day aka day before school starts

I am in disbelief that September is here and come this week our household will contain a preschooler and a grade one student!!!! (Not to mention a newly 39 year old) I don’t want to talk about it. Although I am starting to embrace it.

I know we are constantly told that time moves quicker as we get older, moments fly by and turn into a fast forward commercial of your life. I  thought I would try and slow this summer down .. we planned to have an unplanned summer and we did!!! It was awesome: pyjamas until noon, evening park dates, late lunches and bedtimes, no rushing off to classes. I am going to call it our “1988 summer”.  We took our first family road trip this year and even managed to make it to see my parents on the sunshine coast more than once!  Our summer was full of memories and jam packed with family time and it still flew by no matter how hard I reed to slow it down.

I am sad for the summer to end I am going to miss hanging out with the kids all day and our mini adventures, today I am bummed and sad and that’s ok.  Tomorrow I will be excited for E and J to see their friends and teachers that they missed this summer and for all the stories that they are going to share about their days at school but today I am going to enjoy our last day of summer for 2016 (our 1988 summer)

Wishing everyone a wonderful back to school/work tomorrow!!!