Why is it so hard for me to commit to a healthy lifestyle. I am literally huffing and puffing when I am walking and so uncomfortable in my body but instead of doing something about it I am just causing more discomfort. I managed to eat junk and drink coffee all day yesterday. The bonus was that I managed to get in 10,000 steps . (thank goodness for my Fitbit)

Today the plan of action is to get out walk the neighbourhood with the kidlets, drink water, stay within my WW point range and to go to bed by midnight. Totally doable right?  Okay drinking first glass of water as I type!

I have to say I am feeling motivated today:

My house is clean because I had the Parent Advisory Committee over yesterday to plan our year of eventsIMG_7144

I have had a shower. I can’t believe how hard this task can actually be somedays


I love this Canadian made brand of body products. You must visit a skoah location and be pampered with their amazing facials. 

Kids are calm .. It feels like I am in a dreamy bubbly right now it will probably burst in about 30 minutes but I am going to take the time and enjoy it before it does.

Alright wish me luck





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